Some steps to follow for breathing problem


There are many causes for breathing problem here are some steps to overcome and control breathing problem.
Regular diet: Add fresh fruits and vegetable in your regular diet, Eat healthy food and avoid heavy food in night time.
Mind your weight: Take care of your weight it is necessary to mind your weight even over weight causes breathing problems.
Sleep well: A person have to sleep at least for 7-8 hours a day which is mandatory so that he can avoid many risk full factors and disease.
Regular exercise: From our childhood we would have crossed an exercise which is BRAETHING EXERCISE, Breathing in and out slowly which will works miracle for the persons with breathing complaints.
Walking: Everyday take at least 10 mints walk so that your body will feel relaxed all day long.
Liquid food: Either that’s green tea, water or juice add 8 to 9 cups of liquid food in your diet chart.


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