This is the best way to reset the windows 7 pc.
Step 1: Go to start menu
Step 2: Click control panel –>System and Security–>Back up and Restore
Step 3: Then click Recover system settings of your computer–>Advanced recovery method–>Return your computer to factory condition
(Make sure you Backup your files Locally as well as through the Cloud)
Step 4: Then Press “Skip”
Step 5: Then click Restart
(You can view the box with System recovery options)
Step 6:Please click “Next”
Step 7:Then click “Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults”–>Next–>Next–>Ok
(You can see “Setup is installing device with percentage”)

Step 8:Then provide User name and Password(If required)
Step 9: Please tick in the small box(which shows you the accept the terms and conditions)–>Next
Step 10:Then click Use Recommended settings
Step 11:Set up the Time and Date
Step 12:Enable the internet connection

Then the system is successfully reset now.


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