Travel check list for ladies


Usually ladies are heavy packers they always feel that they should be with the complete travel guide. But now a days bag should be lighter with all the necessary things in now let’s make the list here are some tips to follow it up:
1. Take a pair of clothes even if you’re traveling one day, choose the clothes which are lighter and quick dry.(choose according to the weather)Opt for heavy clothes like winter wear according to the climatic conditions of the place you travel.
2. Take the clothes which are wrinkle free and washable if require.
3. Towel, dental kit(tooth paste,toothbrush,toungue cleaner),Disposable razor if required, Small tube of face wash hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissues, sanitary Napkins small tube of baby shampoo, Body lotion, Sunscreen cream.
4. A pair of rubber slipper to use that on travel for emergency purpose.
5. Shorts or track pants if required to use wear as casual/night wear.
6. Lip balm, perfume, Talcum powder, hairbrush, hair clip (if you have long hair), Sunglasses, Wrist watch, Safety pins, small mirror, mosquito repellent cream.
7. Medical kit(head ach pills, fever pills, body ach pills basic pills when you are down)
8. Probably you will be using your phone so don’t forget take your portable charger.


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