How to make Pedicure and manicure at home


These are the easy products which we use day to day life:
Warm water
Olive oil (If required)
Ice cubes
Nail polish
Take a tub full of warm water and dissolve salt and 2 drops of olive oil in it,
Take few drops of shampoo in a bowl and ass 2 table spoon of sugar in it and mix thoroughly with a stick.
Damp the foot in the warm water tub for 15 mints and apply this sugar mixture and rub on the skin for 5 to 10 mints softly so that it removes dead skin and makes the skin soft.
Now repeat the same procedure to the other leg too.
Now wash your legs with fresh water and run some ice cubes on the skin so that it makes the skin free from irritation.
Now apply some nice colour nail polish and you will fell your legs and hands very soft and supple.
Repeat the process once in a month to maintain the softness. Follow the same process for hands too.


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