How to cut fat in body


Hot water with Honey
Mix a table spoon of lemon in hot water and have everyday morning in empty stomach and the see the change within 2 months, cut the fat naturally.

Hot Water:
Instead of normal water and cold water, you can use hot water everyday as regular diet, hot water will reduce the fat continuously and cut the fat.

Chew gum:
When you feel like munching something you can just have one piece of sugar free gum, to cut fat in stomach and it will trigger your brain.

Amla juice:

Take 3 lemon and cut into small pieces and blend it thoroughly with a glass of hot water and have everyday morning with breakfast to make body relaxed and stress free, and most commonly it will cut all the fat in the tummy.

Bottle guard juice:

When you feel like to have snacks take a glass full of bottle guard juice which makes body light and removes the fat without your knowledge you can feel the body weight changes within 1 month.

Boiled ridge guard with whole wheat bread:

Take few pieces of ridge guard and add salt in it and boil it, take whole wheat bread and add this Boiled ridge guard and have it as evening snacks every will automatically decrease your weight without any side effects


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