Benefits of some common fruits


Apple can reduce the risk of lung cancer.
28% of women who eats an apple a day maintains blood pressure level in normal way.
Having an apple daily can reduce the risk of heart attack.
Apple have appetite in it so it can make us feel satisfied with our food.

Banana i soft and fleshy fruit.
One can full fill his/her stomach with 3 to 4 bananas with a glass of water.
Banana milk shake is one of the best refreshing drink ever.
We are used to Banana chips (plantain chips) one of the cracky snacks.
Fully ripped banana are used in making fruit cakes as decorative.
Mashed ripped banana can also be used to make different kinds of sweets at home naturally.

Cherries have high level of vitamin -c and vitamin-A.
Cherry can reduce the risk of heat diseases.
Cherry have the taste of tangy where that makes pregnant women to trigger the taste buds.

This fig fruit basically this is not allowed to ripe fully on trees…those will be picked out and ripen artificially under sun.
Figs are obviously added in the fresh fruit cakes which gives us sweet and different taste to the cake.
Some usually says that fig is allergenic, it even leads to vomiting diarrhoea so people who are allergic to this can avoid fig completely.

Guava has unique flavour and taste where we can’t even explain.
Guava is rich in vitamin-c, which is beneficial for the skin.
The main reason for the beneficial for skin is, guava contains 80% of water which makes skin hydrated and healthy.
It has the power to reduce the risk of cancer.
Apart from skin hydrated it has rich factor which helps to prevent /control diabetes.
It has sodium and potassium in the body which helps to balance the blood pressure either it is low/high.

Orange is complete fruit with high nutrients and calories in of the fruits which contains VITAMIN-C.
This fruit is one of the healthiest fruit.
It always add special tangy taste to the food recipe, Milkshakes and juices.
The study and the research proves that orange has the protection against cardiovascular disease.


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